Dyma ymdrech ar greu Blog gwleidyddol i Gymru yn y Gymraeg. Wna i ddim eich cam-arwain - mae gennyf farn a thueddiadau gwleidyddol amlwg, ac mi fydda nhw'n amlygu eu hun wrth i mi flogio. Mwynhewch y gwleidydda, ac unwch yn yr hwyl.


Kerry? Bush? Manamanamwnci

Oe'n i mewn dadl rhai diwrnodau yn ol am pwy fyswn i'n ei gefnogi yn yr etholiad am arlywydd America. Gan mod i ar y chwith yn wleidyddol rodd pawb yn ei gymryd yn ganiataol y byddwn i'n frwd iawn dros John Kerry.

Wel, mae'n flin gen i i siomi pobl ond mae arna i ofn, o'r dystiolaeth wy wedi gweld, nad dyna'r achos. Dwy ddim yn cefnogi na Bush na Kerry.

Dywed rhai petai Ralph Nader heb fynd am yr arlywyddiaeth y tro diwethaf y byddai Al Gore wedi enill. So what? Medde fi. Y tebygrwydd yw y byddai rhyfel Irac wedi mynd yn ei flaen beth bynnag.

Y gwahaniaeth yw, am mai Democrat yw Kerry a Gore, felly yn honedig yn wleidydol ar y chwith, mae ei gweithredoedd hwy yn cael ei gyfiawnhau - er fod gweithredoedd llywodraethau Democrat yn y gorffenol wedi bod yr un mor ffiaidd a milwriaethus a llywodraethau Gweriniaethol. Edrychwch ar weithgareddau Truman yn Corea, Kennedy a Johnson yn Fietnam, a Carter yn Affganistan (John Pilger), neu Clinton yn Somalia.

Oleia felly fod Bush yn onest...neu yn fwy gonest.

Tarodd haeriadau Pilger, yn yr erthygl a nodir uchod, fi'n rai diddorol iawn, ac felly dyma fi'n mynd ati i weld ai'r un oedd Democratiaid heddiw a'r Democratiaid ddoe.

To win the war on terrorism, we must be strong at home and respected abroad. We need to take the fight to the terrorists, and finish the job against Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. We must also work with our friends and allies to ensure they do their fair share in Iraq. America should not be shouldering the burden alone.

Dyma a ddywedwyd ar wefan Seneddwyr y Democratiaid.

Dyw e ddim yn gwadu yr angen i barhau ag agenda milwriaethus. Dyw e ddim yn amaudoethuneb ideoleg gwag ymladd yn erbyn 'teroristiaeth'. Na, mae e jyst yn dweud nad eu trethdalwyr nhw dylai orfod talu am y cyfan!

Ond yn waeth na hynny, dyma ddetholiad o gyflwyniad i bolisi y Democratiad:
Progressive Internationalism: A Democratic National Security Strategy

Like the Cold War, the struggle we face today is likely to last not years, but decades. Once again the United States must rally the forces of freedom and democracy around the world to defeat this new menace and build a better world.

Preventing a deadly fusion of terrorism and rogue states on the one hand and mass destruction weapons on the other is one of the paramount challenges of our time.

In times of danger, Americans put aside partisanship and unite in the defense of our country. That is why, as Democrats, we supported the Bush administration's toppling of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. We also backed the goal of ousting Saddam Hussein's malignant regime in Iraq, because the previous policy of containment was failing, because Saddam posed a grave danger to America as well as his own brutalized people, and because his blatant defiance of more than a decade's worth of United Nations Security Council resolutions was undermining both collective security and international law.

And by pushing ideologically motivated tax cuts and repudiating the nation's hard-won commitment to fiscal discipline, President Bush also is reducing our future capacity to act around the world and weakening American economic leadership and leverage.

In addition, the administration has yet to put an effective check on the dangerous nuclear ambitions of North Korea or Iran, or to make any progress toward ending the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians.

To re-establish our credibility on national security, Democrats must offer a positive vision that spells out how we would do a better job of keeping Americans safe and restoring America's capacity to lead.

We begin by reaffirming the Democratic Party's commitment to progressive internationalism -- the belief that America can best defend itself by building a world safe for individual liberty and democracy. We therefore support the bold exercise of American power, not to dominate but to shape alliances and international institutions that share a common commitment to liberal values. The way to keep America safe and strong is not to impose our will on others or pursue a narrow, selfish nationalism that betrays our best values, but to lead the world toward political and economic freedom.

While some complain that the Bush administration has been too radical in recasting America's national security strategy, we believe it has not been ambitious or imaginative enough. We need to do more, and do it smarter and better to protect our people and help shape a safer, freer world.

Too many on the left seem incapable of taking America's side in international disputes, reflexively oppose the use of force, and begrudge the resources required to keep our military strong. Viewing multilateralism as an end in itself, they lose sight of goals, such as fighting terrorism or ending gross human rights abuses, which sometimes require us to act -- if need be outside a sometimes ineffectual United Nations.

And too many adopt an anti-globalization posture that would not only erode our own prosperity but also consign billions of the world's neediest people to grinding poverty. However troubling the Bush record, the pacifist and protectionist left offers no credible alternative.

Democrats will maintain the world's most capable and technologically advanced military, and we will not flinch from using it to defend our interests anywhere in the world.

Democrats believe that America should use its unparalleled power to defend our country and to shape a world in which the values of liberal democracy increasingly hold sway.

Democrats believe that economic freedom is integral to human progress. It is no accident that the world's freest countries are also its richest countries.

They built up and used our armed forces to combat and contain fascism and communism. They expanded trade and created the world economic system that brought decades of unprecedented global prosperity.

Nawr, ma'r cyfraniad yma yn ddigon hir fel mae hi. Digon yw dweud fod hyn yn amlwg yn dangos nad oes gwahaniaeth rhwng y Democratiaid a'r Gweriniaethwyr, dim ond

We need to do more, and do it smarter and better.

Ymddiheuriadau am y cyfraniad hir a'r Saesneg.
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